Getting Started


You Have a Budget

A simple website starts from £1,500*, medium from £3,500* and complex from £5,500*. Project Management fees start from £750* per day or £100* per hour. If you are willing to make this investment in growing your business and making it more successful, go ahead and contact me.

*All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT

Clear Set of Goals

A clear set of objectives and what success means to your target audience lets me build a website or manage a project that will help you grow your business. There is no point in having a website or application if you do not know what it is for.


Know Your Target Audience

You need to have a specific demographic in mind for your website or application. There is no point building a site or application for students if your target market are single professionals.


Dedicate Time

I need to know you have the time to dedicate to this project. I work using an agile approach, this allows you to quickly test, gather feedback from your users and report any bugs on the first iteration of your website or application. The changes will be fed back into the next iteration and you can rest assured the website meets your real-time needs. There are instances where an agile approach might not work, in which case a more traditional method of project management can be adopted.


Key Decision Maker

I want to build you a quality website or manage your project within the agreed time-frame, for that I need you to be available to answer my questions and make decisions. Therefore I will only deal with the key decision maker or someone who has been given 100% delegated authority to make decisions on the website or project.

Yay, you are still here!

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