Project Enquiry

Why do you need a website and what do you want it to achieve. It may seem like I’m asking a lot but the more information you give will enable me to provide you with the best solution possible. Ignore any questions that are not relevant.

Think of this in terms of SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) goals. For example, increase sales by 30% over 6 months, increase leads by 20% over 2 months, reduce admin costs by 10% over 4 months, etc.
Be as specific as you can. How old are they, what is their gender, where do they live, what are their interests, what is their social background, etc.
Is there any research you've conducted? Is it your prices, your services, etc.?
What is the personal connection to your brand? Sophisticated and luxurious, safe and secure, edgy and excited, exclusive and cool, sense of belonging?
Who are they and do they have a website (provide links)? What are thinking and s there anything they are doing that you want to emulate?
What is your website strategy? How many visitors, leads, sales, etc.? Be descriptive.